Salty Bag : a Greek success story

19 February: Presentation

Sala Auditorium , ClubHouse at 18:30englishitaliano

“Salty Bag” is an upcycling company which was launched on 25th March 2013 in the island of Corfu in Greece with the goal to collect discarded and retired sail from the Greek seas and upcycle them into carefully designed and long-lasting bags & accessories.
The people of “Salty Bag” have as a purpose to redefine what most people think as waste and for this reason they take retired sails and give them a new life and value.
Every Salty Bag is designed to be reused or to end up as something else besides trash and each handcrafted piece carries its own unique heritage, its stories of life on the seas. The island-hopper, the racer, the adventurer, the cruiser, the lover of quiet tucked aways coves.

“Upcycled sails each with a unique story that lives on”. So, come in the Sala Auditorium of Club House on 19th February 2014 and choose your story...!

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