Stories about goddesses, ships, shipwrecks and a guy named Ulysses

Theatrical show (in Italian) of the JRC Theatre Club

Title: "Storie di dee, navi, naufragi e di un tizio chiamato Ulisse".
Sunday, June 1st at 16:30 in Besozzo (Cortile Comunale)

free entrance!

Storie di dee, navi, naufragi e di un tizio chiamato Ulisse

Come and hear the story of the Odyssey told by the protagonists, all but one. Those who put Ulysses in trouble, like Poseidon, those who had to get him out of trouble, like Athena, those he went to seek out, like Polifemo. All these characters finally have a chance to tell the story from their point of view, while the world famous Ulysees, for once, won't be there at all.
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