“Touch of Spice” movie and aperitivo

Tue 18.02.2014 at 19.30, Sala Auditorium Club House
When: Tuesday 18 February at 19h30
Where: Club House Main Hall
What: “Apericena” with homemade dishes based on the recipes described in the film “a Touch of Spice”.
Limited places to 80 persons
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Ticket: 17€

“A Touch of Spice” movie and “Apericena”

Apericena consisting of:
Koulouri (bread type with sesame)
Soutzouki (spicy sausage)
Ntolmadakia Gialanzi (vineleaves stuffed with rice)
Traditional Salad (cabbage, carrots ,pepper)
Beans (salad)
Pitta bread
Giaourtlou (yogurt sauce)
Lachanontolmades (cabbage leaves stuffed with meat)
Pilafi (rice)
Imam Baildi (aubergine with onion and tomato sauce)
Melitzanosalata (aubergine sauce)
Soutzoukakia Smyrneika (meatballs in tomato sauce)
Mpamies (okra)

Kazan Dibi


The screening will follow at the Auditorium – Club House


A Touch of Spice
Audio track: Greek, Subtitles: English

The original Greek title is Πολίτικη Κουζίνα (Polìtiki Kouzina) which literally translates to Cuisine of the City (city: polis) and refers to the Cuisine of Constantinople ( in Greek refered to as Polis – the City). However, the word Politìki of the title is depicted in capital letters, therefore allowing an alternative reading of the title, as Politikì – Political- Cuisine signifying the important role that politics played in the lives of the main characters.
The main character recalls his childhood memories from growing up in Istanbul. He comes from a Greek family, with parents who were born and lived in Istanbul but held Greek citizenship, and then were deported in Greece. Initially cooking has been the principal link between the main character, Fanis, and his homecity, Istanbul. A time travel of Fanis live, with his grandfather, a culinary philosopher and mentor who teaches him that both food and life require a little salt to give them flavor; they both require... A Touch of Spice.