Evi Evan Rembetiko


Saturday, April 5th , the Hellenic band Evi Evan tells , sings and dances to the rembetiko. A musical journey through the songs of love, wine and crime which have become popular among the people of Piraeus and Thessaloniki after ' Katastrofì ' (Disaster) of 1922 , cities where Greeks of the diaspora from Turkey were placed. With the war , Greeks deported from Asia Minor lost everything , but not the pride, and that particular subversive melancholy that in rembetiko themes and sounds always ends up overturning in irony , joy of life and dance.
Often referred to as the blues of the East, the rembetiko is the music of ports and suburbs, taverns , cursed loves and bloody rebellions against the rules. It's a lament for a loss, but also a challenge to the conventions .

Greek Dinner - Evi Evan Rembetiko

Saturday, April 5th , the Hellenic band Evi Evan tells , sings and dances to the rembetiko music.

Mensa Nuova
Dinner Time:20:30
Music starts at 21:30

Dimitris Kotsiouros : bouzouki , baglama , vocals
George Strimpakos : baglama , vocals, backing vocals
Simone Branchesi : accordion, vocals
Daniel Ercoli : bass, backing vocals
Luca Cioffi : darbuka , percussion frame , final
Emiliano Maiorani : guitar
They have collaborated with Moni Ovadia for his artwork " itinerante ODISSEA " , with Vinicio Capossela for his latest album Rembetiko Gymnastas , Daniele Sepe and many others.

Join us to taste ouzo, traditional"mezedes", original greek salad with authetic greek feta cheese and of course the classical mixed grill with the famous tzatziki and pita!
For dessert, divine greek yogurt with greek honey or preserves

rempetiko rempetiko rempetiko

Presentation of the book of Elias Petropoulos

JRC Caffetteria at 19:00
Free Entrance

Join us and we'll treat you the famous traditional loukoumi , drinks made by greek herbals and masticha liqueur offered by Pandora

These pages tell about the characters, the behaviours, the Rebets' life and the Rembetiko, the music that accompanies them with its rhythms and its lifestyle. Music that inspires lonely dances in places of marginality, ambiguous locations, prisons which are the only true school of this kind of music.
An interwoven music with hashish and with those who consume it, the hassiklides with "their typical sweetness and tranquillity that I will find a thousand more times in my life, even if they are more interesting than drunks and infinitely more beautiful than the petty-bourgeois". For those men hashish "offers relaxed and sweet dreams, and the desired calmness that dismisses every negative thought from their mind".
This book also allows a great encounter: the one with Petropulos, the man who observes and penetrates the Meaning of Life. The "urban anthropologist" - as he usually defined himself- who makes a choice. He studied at the University of the street. He was imprisoned, but we cannot number him among the hassiklides, he is not a gangster but he stays on their side, on the side of the "ordinary" humanity in which he sees the real meaning of the life, well aware that there is not a way of thinking Rembetiko, just a way to live it.


Biography: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elias_Petropoulos
Documentary - "Elias Petropoulos - An Underground World" : http://www.cultureunplugged.com/documentary/watch-online/play/6422/Elias...

Rembetiko is a musical idiom that for its strong rebellious content was persecuted and censored from 1934 to 1945 to the extent that the same musical instruments which were used by "rebetes", the singers of rembetiko, were banned.
Songs of cursed love stories, adventures of life, a passion for music, wine and narghile (hookah) , find expression in music where the rhythms of joy alternate with melancholy melodies in a musical journey that winds between Istanbul and Athens; from Smyrni to Thessaloniki.
Through the rembetiko , which blends Eastern and Western sounds and that its themes have been compared to Fado and the Blues , the orchestra brings its message of brotherhood , equality and multiculturalism.


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Authentic feta cheese , Yogurt